I don't make just Rosaries.  I make BEAUTIFUL Rosaries!  Rosaries that come ALIVE when you pray with them.

   Hi, my name is Victoria, and I want to thank you so much for stopping by and seeing what I can do to help you with your prayerful needs. 

   I love The Rosary!  I especially love my Catholic faith. I was very blessed to attend St. Hyacinth Catholic elementary school in Detroit, Michigan in the late 70's/early 80's.  In those 6 special & very precious years was the Jesus seed forever planted.     As a result of that seed being planted as a kid, so grows my faith in Jesus and the love to Our Blessed Mother.   

 The devotions I have and have created as a result of my deep suffering are: The Rosary, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, St. Gertrude's Prayer for The Holy Souls, and Our Seven Sorrows Rosary.   


  I am also 100% American Albanian and created A St. Mother Teresa Rosary as an honor to her work on earth.  What a huge blessing it is for the Albanian people!     

    When you pray the Rosary, you pray the Scriptures. When you pray the Scriptures, you pray life into your life as Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life.  

 My hope & prayer is that you'll fall in Love with The Holy Rosary as I have praying and now making them.  

 Let These Rosaries wrap you in Her Lasso of Love for you as well   

What can I say, I Love Jesus!   My firstborn son's first word was "Jesus"; that's how much talking I did to my him about Our Lord.  Eventually "momma" came.  (lol)  

The more I grow in my Catholic faith, spend time in Eucharistic Adoration, and frequently attend Mass, the more I love Our Lord.   

   I was taught early on to always see Jesus in everyone- even the "not so nice" people.  I am teaching my kids to do the same while showing mercy to others as He always does to us.

    I am doing my part to lead souls to Jesus by way of my religious items along with this website.  

    "Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ!"  -St. Pope John Paul II 


When I first heard these words from the mouth of the Great St. Pope John Paul II, they had such a profound effect on my soul.  They awoke me in such a way that I was no longer afraid to talk to others about Jesus.  

As Catholics, MOST of us are afraid to talk about Jesus as a fear of being pushy, laughed at, judged, etc. What a huge disservice Catholics have done as a result of being "afraid".   What will Jesus say to you when you stand before Him?  

   I dedicate 'Rosaries by Victoria' to Our Blessed Mother as she is responsible for both my prayer beads as well as my Rosaries. 

 As a mother, I often turn to Our Heavenly Mother daily to help me become a better wife, mother and person.  Motherhood is my vocation and find myself turning often to Our Blessed Mother.

  Entering motherhood, I had no idea what was to lie ahead, but I thank God my Rosary was near me at all times, for our Lady  In 2011, I had a religious reawakening.  I had several things and dreams which happened to me that deepened my Catholic faith and changed me even more.   

 I had a dream I was driving off the service drive when I saw a small statue what looked like Our Blessed Mother.   The closer I got to the statue, the more it grew and grew to a life-sized statue which I came to recognize as Our Blessed Mother.  There was such a radiant glow of Beauty and Love which emanated from her as she looked at me.  In her hands she held a life-sized Rosary with which she wrapped me with. 

   I called it her Lasso of Love for me.  She knew what I had been through as a mother and knew what was about to happen in the years to come. 

   Knowing firsthand, motherhood can be extremely challenging and with those challenges come suffering. It was through my children's health challenges along with my sons Dresser accident in 2012, which helped me to realize that suffering is ok.  

However painful it was, I always, always, always turned to my Catholic faith through the Holy Mass, Confession, reading Scripture, praying the Rosary, educating myself on Catholic teachings, watching EWTN and receiving spiritual direction.